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RA*W PITCH | HEMA Gen-Z campaign

Join us for our upcoming pitch with HEMA and work on a creative brief to boost HEMA into getting that ‘love brand’ status for Gen-Z! At RA*W, we’ve been organising creative pitches for many years now and we’re super happy to work together with dutch brand HEMA. Pitches are the best introduction into the creative industry because you can really feel the amazing energy that flows through creative processes and makes it one of the coolest industries to work in (we think). Also, it’s your chance to work on that portfolio and develop yourself as a creative.

The event takes place on the 8- and 9 July in Amsterdam.

Day 1 - Friday, 8 July

On Friday you will hear about the briefing from HEMA and meet your creative team members for the pitch. We’ll meet around 18:00 with pizza & drinks ready for you. 🍕🍻

Location: Result Recruitment, Herengracht 244, 1016 BT Amsterdam

Day 2 - Saturday, 9 July

On Saturday we will kick-off the day with an introduction by HEMA and then dive into the pitch briefing with your team members. You’ll work together in small groups to get ready for the pitch presentation in the afternoon. In the meantime, senior creatives from various agencies will guide you.

By the end of day 2 it’s time to pitch your concept to HEMA and… get the chance to win and see your idea go into production!

Location: Boomerang, Wilgenweg 14a, 1031 HV Amsterdam

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Schermafbeelding 2022 07 04 om 11 55 28

🚀 Why should I join ?

  • It's a fun and inspiring weekend with other creatives.
  • It's a chance to see your idea go into production, with your guidance. You’ll be there at the shoot, and see your concept go live on various offline & digital channels.
  • It's a great way to work on your portfolio and meet a potential teammate.

For who is this event? Anyone...

  • Who has a creative mind and wants to take their skills to the next level.
  • Who want to find a creative teammate.
  • Who wants to explore their skills.
  • Who just really loves advertising.
  • Who wants to have a fun and inspiring weekend with a bunch of cool people!

  • 🌭 A little bit more about HEMA

    Hema is Holland's best kept secret. It is how most Dutch people would like to see themselves. It is reasonable, easygoing, fair, thrifty and classless, based on rationality and clarity.

    Hema prides itself on brining high standards of design to a mass public. And to a large degree it succeeds.

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Interested? Claim your spot now!

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⚠️ Registrations close on Monday 02-07-2022 at 6:00 PM. Questions? Message us on Facebook, Instagram or email us at