We are RAW

We believe that diverse young talent is the future of the dutch creative industry.

We are RAW - a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam. RA*W offers a platform for young talent to develop their careers and themselves. Are you a student or a starter with 0 - 5 years of experience? Come join our community of ambitious young talent in the Dutch creative industry. The RAW community is open to everyone: just follow our social channels and you're in! Our industry can be a tough one to get into, with different aspects often remaining unknown when you’re just starting out. That’s why we educate students on what the advertising industry entails and offer them a pathway into the creative industry. We help young professionals to further develop their skill set as they progress in the field.

Frequently asked questions

This is what we stand for.

We are RAW.
We believe that diverse young talent is the future of the creative industry.

Talent deserves to grow. Talent deserves to be included. Talent deserves investment from our beloved industry.

That’s where we come in.

To guide new generations into the established world of advertising.
To inspire. To connect. To expand perspectives.

Because every talent should be able to grow in our creative industry.
RA*W is here for rising stars. And it’s time to shine.

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What we offer

  • We connect young talent with the creative industry and vice versa. For example with our Student Speeddates, Adopt an Intern campaign, agency sessions & workshops. We support industry initiatives such as 24Academy, connecting students to our industry.
  • We offer a safe environment to talk about important but sometimes sensitive topics. With our Round the Table event and Real Talks sessions we aim to open up the conversation about taboos in the creative industry.
  • We create inspiring content in collaboration with industry pioneers to give you the insights of the creative industry that you need. Check out our (Dutch) podcast series RAUWKOST and follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with the latest content.
  • We provide a stage for (unseen) young talent. We want to trigger them with challenges like RAW LABS and the STREET-HEART digital out-of-home challenge, to encourage them to get the best out of themselves.
  • We guide and endorse students and starters to find their dream job in advertising with our yearly VIA student session & events like RAW Career Day.
  • We organize interactive knowledge sessions with various agencies and collaborate with Agencies of Amsterdam, the young talent programs of VIA and our friends at JongeHonden, Result Recruitment and ADCN.
  • We host exclusive events for young talent, bringing Dutch talent to international events. With the RAW Cannes Summer Course we visit the yearly Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in Côte d’Azur, France with a group of excited, ambitious young people. And we host our own RA*W After Cannes event, to bring all the inside knowledge and inspiration from Cannes Lions to you.
Current Board members
Connect with us!
Susie Boogaerdt 't Hooft
Digital Designer at Accenture Song
Susie is a digital designer, but when she's not behind her laptop, she's probably busy with one of her hobbies, such as sewing blouses. You can recognize her by her positive attitude, likely wearing something colorful, with a preference for listening to house music (occasionally mixed with some ‘kinderen voor kinderen’ songs), and her wildly moving elbows and somewhat brutally honest opinions. She loves traveling and trying new things and won't be easily embarrassed.
Bram Jansen
Strategist - Lemon Scented Tea
With, arguably the most Dutch name around, Bram has a particular passion for Dutch ads, a not so secret guilty pleasure for Dutch music and an out-of-hand addiction for Dutch pancakes with kaas, stroop and poedersuiker🥞. His view on strategy? only one sentence needed: "Keep it simple, stupid". When the wind allows it, he is out kite-surfing at the beach. Because in his opinion, there is no better place to come up with ideas💭.
Quinten van Hoogdalem
Concept creative (copy) & strategist.
I view creative work as a way to solve problems in a fun and meaningful way. It’s a never ending puzzle that you can do for both people and organisations. Which is why joining RA*W felt like a good idea. Moving young talent forward is a great way to keep busy and make a difference. Besides working I like collecting old ADCN books, nerding out about many different topics, and having a party. In order to relax you can oftentimes find me in a kickboxing gym.
Neslihan RAW
Neslihan Akkurt
Freelance Social Media Manager
🎀This social creative is always energetic, up for a new challenge and may or may not have an healthy addiction to TikTok. She has an unwavering passion for travelling, exploring new cultures, and the latest beauty trends!💅 Guided by the motto, "Be the change you want to see in the world,” she is committed to break new barriers with RA*W.
Eva v2 HR
Eva Welten
Creative director & Head of design
Eva is an all-around creative living in Rotterdam! When not working, you can find her in arthouse cinemas or museums. She's crazy about experimenting with new things, and her creative mentality is always a big YES! No wonder her second home is her studio, where she loves to play and develop her photography skills. The most important rule there: doing things without a purpose, only with joy and passion.
Max Eggink
Head of Production - Wolfstreet
"I’ve never done this before, so I think I can do this" is Max's approach to every adventure in life🚀. When he's not crafting to-do lists for his to-do lists, you'll catch him either in the pool🏊 or planning the next party. For Max, guilty pleasures are a myth—he insists that if it sparks joy, it's a pleasure worth savoring✨.
Mara Janssen
Creative strategist - Selmore creative agency
A 010-er with a little crush for brands and the ad-world🥰 She flirts with all ideas that shake up the creative scene by using her strategic heart, her creative mind and a ‘Geen woorden maar daden’ mentality. You’ll recognize her by always being overdressed, but never really stressed ✨ Her forever mood: unapologetically ambitious. Ready to spread that mood to all young talents.🔥
Puck 2
Puck de Mol van Otterloo
Accountmanager - N=5
She is a burst of energy and always eager to try new things. A lactose lover and forever Disney-fan. A perfectionist at heart with a creative background. She is happiest when on skis, always around friends and in love with organising events, so no wonder she’s so happy to join RA*W!
Motilayo 2
Motilayo Williams
Creative - Media.Monks
I have joy that’s what you say when you call her by name (literally). Creative by, driven by curiosity, fearless for new adventures and inspired by people. She has a soft spot for dreamy k-dramas and punchy anime and a fresh stroopwafel could make her change her mind.
Lucas van Gog
Content Strategist - Dentsu Creative
This guy is curious about everything and loves going down the occasional rabbit hole🔍🐰. When not working on 💫snappy💫 content strategies, you can find him in the gym💪 or the brown smartlappen cafe (Yes, Hazes is still the basis🎶). It’s all about balance🧘‍♂️ His partytrick? Knowing endless obscure history facts🤓📚.

Want to join the board?

Want to help students and young talent in the Dutch creative industry? You can join RA*W! Every boardmember can be on the board for a two-year term. We're on the lookout for new board members every few months! Interested? We're looking for someone to start February 2024!

Applications are closed for now.

RA*W ambassadors

Do you want to help us build the student community around RAW? Join us as RAW Ambassador!

As our ambassador you’ll be raising awareness about RAW and bring our events to fellow students’ attention. You can do this by sharing our content on your social media, or by text, email, intranet.. You name it. Your ultimate goal is to make fellow students enthusiastic about RAW and our events (note: you can invite people with your personal discount code. Sweet!). We’re also counting on you to keep us sharp and up to date about the latest trends and hot topics among students. That’s why we really want to get together on a quarterly base, to brainstorm about future sessions, college visits, new initiatives and more!

What's in it for you? You'll gather an insane amount of knowledge about the creative industry, expand your own network, get free access to all RAW sessions and more. Reach out if you’re interested!

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We are RAW is a non-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands, KVK 57505411