July 21

Agency session: Colourcake

Colourcake, Danzigerkade 15A5, 1013 AP Amsterdam
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Agency session

Join us for the upcoming RA*W Session on July 21, this time with creative agency Colourcake!

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About Colourcake

Colourcake is based in the Houthavens hub in Amsterdam with a team of twenty ‘Cakies’ (and growing!). They use rapidly changing environments as inspiration and motivation to create and communicate brands and provide expertise in areas of branding, content and print. Most of their clientèle are brands within the fashion, lifestyle and hospitality industry.

Colourcake’s team of creatives and visionaries create for clients big, small, and every size in-between. Nike, Puma, Gorillas, Sidestep, Tommy Hilfiger, Pink Gellac Mizuno are just a few examples of the brands they provide their expertise to.

Branding session

Creative agency Colourcake will host a workshop about their core business: Branding. By attending this workshop you will get a glimpse of what their branding sessions with clients look like. Next to that you’ll get a taste of; how a good brand purpose can not only boost revenue but also loyalty, user personas and how colours can have an impact on brands’ and products’ “personalities”.

All with all, a packed and colorful session! 🚀

The session will be a workshop format where creative directors Ischa Moonen and Sjoerd Bongertman will help you answer questions such as why branding is important & what a brand strategy is.


Walk-in & grab a drink and a chair

Introduction of RA*W & Colourcake

Short break

Branding workshop Colourcake


Practical Info

For who?
Anyone who is graduating or already employed (0-5 yr.)

July 21, 18:45 @ Colourcake (Danzigerkade 15a5, Amsterdam)

Tickets are for free! Limited tickets available.