April 6

Branding & design session: RA*W x Bravoure

Bravoure Oosteinde 23, 1017 WT Amsterdam
18h - 22h
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Branding & design session

Get ready to feast your eyes on some seriously clean digital design knowledge! Design Director Jeroen Disch, Creative Simon Sitanala and Strategist Laurien Maerman will take you by the hand on your first steps in Digital Branding & Design🚀

The future of digital branding is rapidly evolving as technology continues to advance and consumer behavior shifts. In today's digital age, brands that fail to adapt to digital technologies risk being left behind by competitors.

Meaning, any ‘good’ design will make any brand easier, prettier, more fun, and yes…probably a little better even! But for any brand to succeed in the long run, they are in need of a future proof, digital experience*💥

Bravoure will give an inspiring session on the fundamentals of crafting a killer digital brand experience, complete with an inspiring case study (to be announced👀) to get your creative juices flowing.

*It’s the sum of all the online interactions people have with a brand. From their website and social media to AR & AI-driven experiences, every touchpoint is somehow connected, and equally important for future success.

About Bravoure

Bravoure is a digital design agency. Their mission is to help brands become more human in the digital area💜

Bravoure believes that brands that think and operate digital-first can make the greatest impact. With a large portfolio of cultural organizations like ADE, Paradiso, Moco Museum and Awakenings, the team of Bravoure helps them grow their digital footprint. This team consists of 30+ strategists, creatives, developers and project managers.


The Program

18:30-19:00 Walk-in & grab some pizza🍕

19:00-19:45 Introduction of RA*W & Bravoure

19:45-20:00 Short break

20:00-21:00 Digital branding & design session

21:00-22:00 Drinks!

Practical Info

For who is the workshop?

Anyone who is graduating or already employed (0-5 yr) and interested to learn more about digital branding & design.

When is the workshop?

April 6, 18:30 @ Bravoure (Oosteinde 23, 1017 WT Amsterdam)

How much are tickets?

Tickets? €5 (excluding transactional costs)

Also, nice to know, we will be donating all proceeds of the tickets to charity.

They’ve got a few spots available, so be quick or cry later 💜