We're looking for a new board member!

Published on June 15 by RA*W
Schermafbeelding 2024 01 02 om 21 01 29

Wanna join the RA*W board?

This is your chance to join the RA*W board! Want to help students and young talent in the Dutch creative industry? You can join RA*W! Every boardmember can be on the board for a two-year term.

Checklist, You:

  • Are extremely thrilled about advertising (but a little less about the old industry conventions).
  • Are bored every Tuesday evening
  • Have visions and ideas on how to break these that need to see the light.
  • Are not a student
  • Are 28 years or younger (by time of applying)
  • Think that having only one job is overrated?
  • Want to release your hidden creative, presenter, strategist, accountant or party planner (Yes you have more talents than you know)
  • Are ready to make mistakes (and grow!)
  • Are a typical love-fixing-and-making-things-happen-not-saying-but-doing-person.
  • Want to live laugh work and eat bitterballen with other advertising groupies.

Applications are closed. Check back in a few months!