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Real Talks #4 Social Responsibility Session recap

Published on February 23 by RA*W
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Is the creative industry responsible for making the world a better place?

Real Talks is a much needed initiative by RA*W and The Social Hub to open up the conversation about taboos in the creative industry. Our aim is to inspire young talent, share insights and build a better future together. With different perspectives, more color, opinions, more diversity and more openness. Previous editions of Real Talks have discussed themes such as Stereotyping and Gender Inequality. So let’s have a Real Talk about RA*W topics 💯

#4: Social Responsibility

In our fourth Real Talk we talked about Social Responsibility in the creative industry. When do we label a brand or business as socially responsible? Is purchase behavior representative of what consumers really want? Do we have to change ‘bad’ companies or do we only need to work with ‘good’ ones? We opened up the conversation with Luke Purdy (Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam), Ersem Ercil (180 Amsterdam), Jurian van der Hoeven (Dawn), Jasemen Nassab (Amaru), Daan van Apeldoorn (B Corp). This live session was divided in two panel discussions.

A new generation is asking for a more purpose-driven approach. Brands and other companies are making a shift towards making work that has a lot to do with the scope of responsibility. The responsible work is starting to become of such importance, is even starting to become a determining factor at international award shows (e.g. Cannes Lions). But.. Is it really the industry's place, to make the world a better place? And if so, why - or why not?

The Real Talk kicked-off with the first Panel Discussion, moderated by Gijs Lammers in which we brought up the conversation about the role of agencies. With a inspiring group of people (Luke Purdy, Ersem Ercil, Jurian van der Hoeven). Do agencies need to drop certain clients? On basis of a few statements the panelist spoke about the impact you can make as an individual within your agency. Are you in the position to reject a briefing the goes against your own values? They talked about communication as a powerful tool that can shape perceptions. Inspire action and create new consumption. By using our expertise and resources, those of us in the creative industry have an opportunity to influence change and promote solutions.

In the second Panel Discussion, moderated by Jhelisa Panfred, the panelist talked about consumerism and circularity. Another inspiring duo (Jasemen Nassab & Daan van Apeldoorn) talked about brands that do good or don't. We dove right into the topic 'the donut economy'. Daan gave an insight how brands can become a B Corp . And how brand can contribute to climate change.


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Ersem Ercil

Ersem is an Art Director at 180 Amsterdam. He is committed to inclusivity during his work but also with his side projects like 'The Legal Burqa'.

Luke Purdy

Luke Purdy

Luke is Director of Social Impact & Group Account Director at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. As the Director of Social Impact he is focused on the global sustainability efforts at Wieden+Kennedy including growing purpose-driven work, spearheading new policies & initiatives to improve Wieden's business operations, and establishing emissions measurement and offsetting strategies across the global network.


Daan van Apeldoorn

Daan is Community & Communications Lead at B Corp. At B Corp Daan is responsible for driving the Benelux B Corp's community's impact, collective action efforts and engagement. To date, the global B Corp community includes 450,000 workers in over 6,000 B Corps across 77 countries and 153 industries. More than 220,000 companies manage their impact with the B Impact Assessment and the SDG Action Manager.

Jasemen Nassab

Jasemen Nassab

Jasemen is a junior strategist at Amaru. As an interdisciplinary consultant and strategist she is specialized in entrepreneurship and cultural intelligence. She helps brands to truly reflect the diverse communities they are serving.


Jurian van der Hoeven

Jurian is strategist and partner at Dawn. As a strategist Jurian worked for brands like Triodos Bank and Greenpeace. Within Dawn. Jurian is responsible for Culture and Strategy. Dawn is the first B Corp creative agency of the Netherlands.

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