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Published on January 1 by RA*W
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The RA*W Roadshow is back

The RA*W Roadshow is back!

With RA*W we want to lead the new generation of advertisers, marketers and innovators with tips, information and examples on how to break through the industry. That is why RA*W started the Roadshow, to tour various schools in the Netherlands and to showcase students about the following :

1) We explain what it is like to work in the creative industry, with examples from different roles within this industry. With this, we aim to provide students with a clear view about the industry, so that they can use this information to think about their ambitions. Maybe they like it, maybe they don't. With both, we have achieved our goal.

2) Thanks to the roadshow, students with the interest in advertising are actually guided. By sharing tips, extra knowledge, tools and especially the network, these students get a solid foundation to make choices; with an eye on their future in the industry.

Our goal is to trigger and inspire talents and students about the possibilities in our industry, just as we continue to trigger the industry to involve young talent and see the added value of young talent.

Nobody wants to miss out on new talent. It is what drives the industry forward. So let us be the bridge and invite us to your school (or office). Because talent deserves to grow, deserves to be recognized and deserves our joint investment!

Is your school next?!


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