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Published on February 23 by RA*W
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RA*W Agency Session | Colourcake

On Thursday the 23rd of February, we organized our first agency session of 2023 in collaboration with CZAR. In T=this production session at CZAR Amsterdam we took our talents behind the scenes of a commercial shoot💥

We learned about the lifespan of a short film from their producers and directors: from agency pitch, to treatment, to set in three different break-out sessions🚀

Break-out 1: The Pitch Process
Winning a film pitch is no simple task. Senior Producer Carolien will dissect and explain the agency pitch process which we undertake for every commercial we make.

Break-out 2: Bringing a Script to Life
Director Aaron van Valen (Director of Mocro Mafia, Sleepers and making commercials for McDonalds, KLM, AJAX to name a few.) talks us through how he brings a script to life. Be it for McDonalds or Krasloten: how does he give his spin on a script?

Break-out 3: Set-Life
Senior Producer Marius van de Weerd has traveled all over the world for our productions. From Iceland to Korea: he’s been there and he has collected stories. This session will give a behind-the-scenes peak of what a commercial film set entails, with lots of personal anecdotes: from the chaos to the unforgettable.

📸 Check out some pictures!

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See you next agency session!