DOOH Challenge

This years' theme: RE-PRESENT.

And the winners are...

01 RAW DOOH 2022 Ersem Ercil

🥇The legal burqa

Name: Ersem Ercil
Age: 28 years
Job: Jr. Art Director at 180 Amsterdam
LinkedIn: click here.

  • Motivation of his work + feedback jury

    "There is a law in the Netherlands, making Islamic face covering clothing illegal in public spaces. But with the pandemic came the obligation to wear face masks in those same places. How can the two exist at the same time? The Legal Burqa is a conversation piece, combining the material of the mandatory (face mask) and the silhouette of the illegal (burqa)." - Ersem Ercil.

    Some feedback of the jury

    "Wow, it really aligned to the topic and shows great awareness!"

    "This is an perfect example of an inspiring and refreshing view around the theme re-presentation. Well done!"

    "By far favourite out of all the entries."

Schermafbeelding 2022 08 02 om 16 01 12

🥈No Grain, Just Pain

Name: Pien van der Togt
Age: 21 years
Job: Jr. Designer at Global Media & Entertainment
LinkedIn: click here.

  • Motivation of her work + feedback jury

    "War. A word that is incomprehensible in today's time. A word that instills fear in everyone's mind. A word in which there is no winner and only losers.

    This word inspired me a lot while doing this challenge. Like many others, I am very much involved in the developments around the war in Ukraine. My design is therefore also inspired by this situation, which has such a social impact on the rest of the world.

    That's why I chose to use the colors of the flag of Ukraine as a starting point. Since Ukraine is one of the largest countries when it comes to grain exports, the yellow color stands for the vast grain fields. The blue color in the design represents the sky, as also described by many Ukrainians. Because of the war, no grain can be produced and therefore cannot be exported. In short, a global problem.

    Clouds appear in the ad with the text: “No grain, just pain”. By this I am implying that no grain can be produced because of the war. The result? Grain harvest is lost and totally damaged to the agricultural sector in Ukraine. Not to mention the emotional damage it inflicts."
    - Pien van der Togt.

    Some feedback of the jury

    "I really enjoy this animation version and how it tackles to bring war in awareness".

    "Current topic, perfectly animated for Digital Out-of-Home to draw that attention to the screen".

    "I love the execution of this design, it's also one of my favourites".

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Name: Anouk van Asbeck
Age: 23 years
Study: Master Digital Design
LinkedIn: click here.

  • Motivation of her work + feedback jury

    "We live in a world where diversity is increasing. This is something we need to cherish. We all have different ways of looking at the world around us; we all see things through a different lens, from a different perspective. Just as I believe it’s always essential to learn how to convey your specific point of view thoughtfully, it’s equally important to recognize someone else’s. With this design, I want to raise awareness of your own way of thinking and respect others' perspectives. Rather than judging each other, we should try to understand each other." - Anouk van Asbeck.

    Some feedback of the jury

    "I love how this design is simple but it focuses on important topic in changing of perceptive."

    "Has a strong concept and was well excuted in a simple way and clear communication, this is a sign of good design."

This years' theme

RE-PRESENT. Because the current themes of diversity and inclusion have a great deal to do with representation. We do not always see a diverse society reflected on our screens; whether in media expressions, advertising or art.

With this challenge we wanted to draw attention again to the subjects of diversity and inclusion, by encouraging young creative talent to share new, visual perspectives on this with the rest of our country. How does young talent view this topic; and how do the participants represent themselves in their work? It will, in short, be a tribute to what the participants stand for.

We want to thank everyone that joined this competition! See you next year 🔥


Thanks to our friends at Global Media & Entertainment Group and JCDecaux for making it possible to showcase young talent on more than 3.000 digital screens across The Netherlands this August!

Big shout out to this years' jury 🚀

  • Nour Sadat, Digital Designer // Ethics & Inclusion
  • Kevin Rooi, Typographist @Media.Monks
  • Dave Janssen, Creative Lead @Global
  • Lisa Kapan, Creative @DEPT
  • Nadine de Ridder, Freelance Creative Strategist