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Together with agencies or for brands we organize pitches several times a year. Multi-disciplinary teams work in 1-2 days towards refreshing, impactful solutions for a real business challenge. During these days we strive to come up with clear usable concepts that can even be produced with the help of RA*W.

Examples of RA*W LABS challenges:

  • How do we attract a new target audience?
  • How do we position our brand better?
  • How do we use social media to amplify our brand online?
  • How should we introduce a new product?
  • How can technology strengthen our business?
  • How do we engage more people with our brand?
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RA*W LABS in 5 steps

  • 1. Assignment

    Together with the client we define what we want to get out the session. We define the brief, timings and other practical things like locations etc.

  • 2. Selection

    Depending on the challenge we select people with different skills, agencies and experience from our base. Things we can select on:

    Variety in expertise

    from producers and creatives to strategists and PR talent.

    Variety in agencies

    from large digital network agencies, to small independent boutique agencies.

    Variety in experience

    experience with a wide variety of brands, audiences and projects.

  • 3. Inspiration

    In the days leading up to the event we create a group to share inspiration and information about the challenge, to keep the creative juices flowing.

  • 4. Kick-off

    The afternoon or evening before the session we ask our participants to sign a non-disclosure agreement, we present the challenge and stimulate groups to find inspiration. Either in the field, or through desk research and discussion.

  • 5. SESSION

    With the help of creative brainstorm techniques and several evaluation moments we work a full day to create solutions to the challenge. The final selections of ideas are presented and shared after the session in one clear document.

What's in in for brands?

  • A team of creative industry challenged selected to fit your particular challenge.
  • The expertise of multiple agencies and disciplines in one room.
  • A lot of deliverables in no time.

What's in it for RA*W?

  • Working together with talent from a variety of disciplines, expertise and agencies.
  • Working with and for clients without being limited by senior management.
  • Gain experience with new idea generation methodes.