Celebrating 10 Years of RA*W

Celebration time! We Are RA*W was founded ten years ago. A moment to reflect on what we have achieved - and that’s quite a lot! From inspiring young talents through workshops, pitches and sessions, connecting them through speed dating & netwerk lunches and taking them on educational trips to Cannes. All to move them forward and give them opportunities to grow within the creative industry.

But we won’t be serving cake and champagne (yet).

Because we still see a lot of opportunities where we can be of help. One thing we acknowledge that is still going on in our beloved industry, is the war – with lack of better words– on talent. Not only is it difficult for agencies to find and retain young talent, but also to keep them. In the current tight job market, scarcity prevails, as agencies confirm; there is little young talent these days. But… have they been looking in the right places for young talent? and are the job requirements on the vacancies realistic for young talent to apply?

On the other hand, young talent also has needs that agencies must meet in order for them to apply. We live in an era where space for 'development' is at the top of young talent's list and as soon as their current job doesn’t meet their needs, they look elsewhere. Young talent represents the new generation. One that brings with it new norms, values and ethics. What does this mean, and how does it relate to the existing culture within agencies and the creative industry?

We celebrate 10 years our way: the following months, we will carry out a research study on the 'War on Talent'. With this data & insights we want to help young talent even further forward.

Stay tuned for more information that we will provide in the coming months on this webpage.

Calling all talent scouts, team leads, HR managers and directors!

Help us by sharing your knowledge and expertise!

Good to know: the outcome will result in a tool that will increase the attraction of young talent to agencies like yours.

Let's strengthen the future of the Dutch creative industry together🚀